Monday, February 18, 2008

Lands for Peace: the War on Israel

The love of peace requires people to end their never-ending war on Israel.

No one in the world will do to themselves what they ask Israel to do: no country in the world fights wars against extermination and trades "lands for peace:" No country in the world continually offers peace to enemies committed to destroy it: every country in the world preempts such enemies: every country kills them.

"Lands for peace," is a public relations strategy to bully tiny Israel into another "holocaust" via a phony peace plan that does not work & defies logic.

Whether conscious or unconscious, the cause for this hatred originates, in part from baseless Christ killing charges against the Jews 1 & Islam’s demonization of Jewish people for rejecting Muhammad as a prophet. 2 People, as a result, put Israel in the position of the Greek mythical character Sisyphus. Sisyphus, at right, is condemned to roll a rock up the mountain only to see it roll down without end. Israel, in like fashion, wins the war against extermination, only to see bigots bully it to give what it won back to the Arabs in order to fight more wars of total destruction. Extremists are out to get their "pound of flesh" & disguise themselves as peacemakers. They take revenge against Jews for questioning Jesus and Muhammad. Their game plan is to trap Israel in one war too many, until it is erased from the map...
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